Performance Testing

(40 Hours) | 5 Days
This course provides an introduction to the complexities of software performance testing and delivers testing skills that participants can immediately apply back on the job. Using a real-world case study, you will encounter issues, decisions, and testing experiences comparable to those in your own work environment. Working through a series of discussion-based exercises—individually, in small teams, or as a group—you develop a workable strategy for performance testing an application/system. The focus of the exercises is on analysis of a situation and understanding the planning and design issues associated with performance testing.  This course does not focus on problem analysis, tuning, debugging, or tools.

After the course, you will be able to know:
  • Introduction about performance testing
  • How to use JMeter 
  • How to Build a test plan?
  • What are elements of a test plan
  • How to Build a web test plan?
  • Introduction about LoadRunner 
  • How to work using Vugen
  • Controller
  • Analysis

Schedule for this course
Sorry , there is no schedule for this course